Monday, January 7, 2013

Girls' Dance, Christmas, Laynee's 7th Birthday

Girls' Dance Performance
This year we had Laynee and Kyrie in dance.  The morning of their dance performance I woke up sick :( so Clint had to take them to dress rehearsal this year.  I usually love going to the rehearsal because it's when I get the best pictures, but I think Clint did a good job.

 Both of my cute little dancers,  They are in separate classes because of their ages but their costumes ended up strangely alike.

 Of course the day before the performance Kyrie got a scratch on the end of her nose, so she had a huge scab for pictures and the performance.

 Laynee's class,  I'm not sure why Clint didn't get one of Laynee posing by herself.

This was just after Kyrie's performance. Clint's mom bought her and Laynee flowers.  Kyrie walked up and down the isle where our family was sitting and made everyone smell them. 

 I was really nervous that once the curtain opened Kyrie would not dance, She is so shy and doesn't really like a lot of attention.  But she didn't even hesitate she went all out.  The last part of Kyrie's performance all the girls blew a big kiss to the audience, Kyrie's kiss was super enthusiastic!  I almost started crying it was so cute.

 Santa was the surprise guest at the end of the dancing.

 The girls got to pick stuff out of his bag.  Kyrie picked out a baby rattle but she loved it so much.

 Laynee's performance.

I let the girls wear a little makeup and by the end of the night Laynee had mascara running under her eyes.  So that is why she looks so tired.

I'm so proud of them,  they both did a great job.

This is what Santa brought us for Christmas.

 Laynee got 5 Monster High dolls and a Lalaloopsy silly hair doll.

 Kyrie got Bucky from Jake and the Neverland Pirates and his pirate friends, and a Lalaloopsy doll.

 Britlee got a Fur-Real puppy and a puppy house with 4 little puppies in it.

 I got a purse and some socks and Clint got this Mario race track.

 So many presents

 Laynee had only asked Santa for one Monster High doll so she was super excited when she saw five of them.

Kyrie really wanted this pirate ship,  she had to stop and look at it every time we saw it at the store.

 Britlee is super obsessed with animals, especially puppies.  She really loves taking these in and out of their house.

 The girls were also really excited to play with Daddies new race track.  If they pushed the buttons too hard the little Mario and Luigi would fly off the side of the track and Kyrie thought that was too hilarious.

 Laynee with her haul!  What a spoiled, but happy little kid.

 Kyrie with her toys!  One of the other things she wanted really bad was Hungry Hungry Hippos, We have played that game many times since!

 Britlee never got tired of opening presents,  I was really worried that she would because Kyrie did last year, but she wanted more and more,  she actually ended up opening most of daddies as well.

Laynee's 7!
I cant believe that this little girl is 7years old!  She is getting so big, and just keeps getting more and more pretty!  This is the outfit we let her open the morning of her birthday.

 Family party,  This is that bath foam stuff,  she got this from her Grandpa Darin.  I'm not sure why she loves this stuff so much!? :)

 Lipgloss from Kyrie

 Barbie from Kyler

 She got this whole bath kit from Chris and Jayden.  She loves pampering herself.

 This picture isn't very good,  Me and Clint got her a 3DS and she wasn't sure what it was at first so she doesn't look that excited,  but she freaked out once she realized.  It came with a Mario game and she has almost beat it already!  I'm super surprised she is way better then me!  She must get it from her Daddy.

 She wrote a Birthday song for herself and then preformed it for everyone at the party,  It was so stinking cute and brave of her.  Here are the lyrics 
"It's my Birthday, Yeah its my Birthday!
Everyone likes their presents they get,
I like my presents I get too."

Blowing out the candles!

 On Saturday she had a friend party,  we ended up inviting almost everyone in her class.  About 15 kids came.

 This is her Friend Dominic,  She talks about him all the time!  I'm so happy he could make it.  He seemed really goofy, kind of like the class clown.  I see why Laynee gets along with him so well.  She loves laughing.

 This is Staley,  Her best Friend this year in school.  These two are almost always together.

 Dance party,  We played freeze dance.

 Happy Birthday Laynee!  I love you so so much!

Favorite color- Purple
Favorite food- Chicken nuggets and French Fries
Favorite Game- Go Fish
Favorite Toy- her new American Girl Doll Julie
Favorite Friend- Julie(American Girl Doll) and Staley
Favorite video game- Mario on her 3DS
Favorite Outfit- Her new Birthday outfit purple star shirt
Favorite Song- The song she made up about her American Girl Doll
                 "I got an American Girl doll for my birthday,
                  Yeah I did, from my Grandma Annie"
Favorite game with Friends- Practicing handstands
Favorite Movie- Ice Age 4
Favorite TV show- Phineas and Ferb
Favorite Hairstyle- Braids

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  1. I love the dance pictures! they are so brave to get up there and perform. We never would have done that at their age :) Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. It's so fun to see pictures and learn what kind of things your kids like. I sent Laynee's gift to Mom's house, because I lost your address for the third time!!! so I hope she got it, and glad she is such a happy birthday girl.